SaaS transport management
technology that...

  • Improves communication
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Saves time
  • Increases visibility
  • Reduces environmental impact

What our digital transport platform does

Our systems leverage AI and cloud technology to optimise millions of complex logistics scenarios in seconds, enabling your teams to focus on high value tasks and exceptions
Optimisation at multiple levels ensures efficient logistics and ultimately allows you to operate with fewer vehicles, which means lower direct costs and a reduced carbon footprint.
Every successful business needs real-time visibility of their transport operations to ensure they deliver an excellent customer experience.
EVENT provides relevant insight to every internal and external transport stakeholder using real-time, accurate single-source data, enabling more informed, better decisions and a culture of continuous improvement.
3T’s technology delivers significant transport cost reductions and service improvement through automation, optimisation and data insight to businesses across the world
3T's digital transport platform, EVENT, enables true supply chain digital transformation for any size and type of business, any transport mode, anywhere in the world. Furthermore, having over 20 years of experience in changing supply chains through technology, we can ensure successful deployment and realisation of benefits.
Our Digital Transport Platform, EVENT, can automate at least 80% of all transport processes, allowing your teams to focus on delivering value to your business.
EVENT customers are able to operate at a highly efficient level with fewer errors and fewer people, and can manage planning complexities beyond human capability.
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Why work with 3T?

Market Recognition


Value Delivered

10-20% average transport savings

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Operational efficiency gains

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Average vehicle load fill

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Typical additional data insight gains

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