3T becomes ‘Made in Britain’ member

Written By Damon Ankers


Privately owned UK-based 3T Logistics & Technology Group, A five-time Gartner Magic Quadrant recognised company, is proud to announce that it has joined Made in Britain’s manufacturing community.  

Members of the non-profit association are united by the use of its iconic collective mark, which symbolizes well-made British products, showcasing the highest standards in safety, design and quality and representing value for money to consumers.   

Steve Twydell, Founder and CEO of 3T Logistics and Technology Group, commented: “We are very proud to have become members of Made in Britain. We believe in making a positive and measurable difference not just in the transport industry and to the environment but also in helping the British economy. We do this through digital innovations that reduce transport’s negative impact whilst improving efficiency and sustainability. We provide our clients with the most innovative market-leading transport technology products that radically reduce transport costs, provides an exceptional customer experience and a platform for continuous sustainable improvement and collaboration. By joining and displaying the Made In Britain mark, we are now part of an outstanding community of quality makers that have chosen to be identified as British manufacturers, with all that is associated with British-made goods, superb quality; reliability; sustainability and expertise – which is all great for the British economy “ 

John Pearce, CEO at Made in Britain commented: “Made in Britain is delighted to welcome 3T Logistics and Technology Group into our thriving community of manufacturers throughout the country. A business with a truly global product that spans both the tech and transport sectors, 3T LTG truly represents the innovation, dedication and reach of modern British manufacturing.” 

Moving on from the challenges of Brexit and the pandemic, businesses continue to face new external challenges such as global supply problems, inflation, and rising fuel costs. 

3T’s Digital Transport Platform, EVENT is helping businesses to combat today’s challenges by improving operational efficiency and vehicle optimisation through automation. This in turn has led to 3T’s customers saving between 10-20% on transport costs per annum.  

What makes EVENT truly unique is its ability to facilitate collaboration between shippers and carriers. From within the platform, 3T’s customers have access to a network of UK carriers who can be selected for work based on cost and location.  

This unbiased approach is empowering British SME businesses to compete on a level playing field with their larger adversaries. It is giving smaller carriers the opportunity to grow their reputation and revenue and enabling shippers to work flexibly with carriers reducing their transport costs and C02 impact. It really is a win-win for British business. 

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