Why the Logistics Industry Must Embrace Technology Faster

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


3T and Honda UK came together at a CILT event last month to explain why the logistics industry must accelerate the adoption of technology to manage transport processes more efficiently.

Event for transport and purchasing managers

3T hosted the ‘Rise of the Machines’ event for transport and purchasing managers at our Leicestershire headquarters on 14th June. Over 20 attendees from the automotive, 3PL and education sectors were present.

At the event, CEO Steve Twydell gave his views on the culture of the logistics industry and the current problems that the industry is facing with the implementation of technology. Business Development Manager Steve Holmes then went on to outline 3T’s vision for the future of transport management.

They were joined by David Cole of Honda UK Manufacturing who explained to the audience how the company has used transport management systems to reduce transport cost and improve efficiency, moving their manufacturing inbound transport management process in-house.

“The technology that we now have access to is capable of completely transforming the way transport is managed – but in my experience, the industry has been relatively slow to access that technology,” comments Steve Twydell.

“We find that organisations are using a variety of systems with a lack of standardisation. Where systems are in place, many lack capacity to manage the sheer complexity of the European transport market. There is so much untapped potential for optimising transport through automation and the application of new technology that the industry simply can’t afford to ignore.”

Revolutionary automated logistics systems

Steve Holmes demonstrated how automated systems such as 3T’s EVENT product can help organisations revolutionise their logistics processes. He also introduced 3T’s latest product DOCK, a standalone loading bay management application developed in-house.

“Carriers can be apprehensive of automation, while companies often abdicate responsibility and hand it to a traditional 3PL,” adds Steve. “Unfortunately, 3PLs have their own issues and tend to be reactive, finding answers that are specific to each problem rather than looking for ways to apply generic solutions.

“The audience were very impressed when we showed them what EVENT.DOCK and INFORM can do and several have requested meetings to find out more about how our technology could help them.”

Cloud-based logistics technology

A cloud based app, DOCK can be downloaded and set up to a customer’s specific requirements without the need for any intervention from 3T. It helps manage capacity and improve resource management against a live interactive schedule. The application has been designed for use by any size of company with a transactional fee of £1 per load and a minimum £50 spend per week.

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