3T Logistics announce 50% increase in turnover since 2014

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


2017 was a year of growth for 3T Logistics

2017 was a busy and successful year for 3T Logistics. The company’s investment in personnel, technology and premises yielded great results with the announcement of an increase in statutory turnover of around 50% over the last four years.

As Europe’s largest independent 4PL, 3T manage over £200 million in transport spend across Europe and the US. In addition to the increased turnover, 3T has opened a new office to cope with increased demand. The growing IT team has moved into a new site near the company’s Leicestershire head office.  The number of staff has almost doubled from 48 at the end of 2012 to around 90 in 2017.  More new appointments are planned.

Investment in logistics technology

“We are delighted with the growth that the company has achieved over the past few years,” comments 3T’s CEO Steve Twydell. “We have invested heavily in premises and equipment, as well as recruiting the best people to enable us to create cutting-edge technology to revolutionise logistics across a whole range of industries. With the foundation we have built, things look really good for 2018.”

Optimising the supply chain

Steve believes that the logistics industry should embrace the solutions that technology can offer. “With the uncertainty of Brexit, now more than ever, UK companies need to be competitive – and a huge part of this is the way that they manage their logistics processes. We have demonstrated to clients like Honda, JCB and British Gypsum how our technology can help them optimise major parts of their supply chain and reduce operational costs while ensuring continuous improvement and network visibility,” he adds.

Saving money on transport management

3T’s Event platform offers a range of supply chain logistics applications which can be used together for an end to end solution or individually as a standalone option. By implementing their software, 3T are able to save clients anywhere from 10-50% on their transport spend.

The logistics sector and associated occupations account for around 8% of the UK workforce according to the Freight Transport Association Logistics Report 2017. One of the issues raised in the report is the need for government to recognise the importance of logistics to the UK economy, as well as the urgency of attracting more young people to the profession.

The future of logistics

“Logistics is evolving from a manual, hands-on industry to one dominated by technology which is one of the reasons why we have experienced such rapid growth in recent years,” adds Steve. “If young people become more aware of the importance of technology in the sector and the opportunities available, it will be easier to attract the next generation. One of the reasons that we are able to employ some of the most talented developers is because of our reputation for cutting edge technology. Quite simply, it’s the future of logistics.”

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