3T’s CEO Joins Panel to Discuss the Future of Logistics

Written By Reagan Nyandoro



3T’s larger than life CEO Steve Twydell will be answering questions and giving his views on the future of logistics at a business breakfast event this summer.

Hosted by Insider magazine, the event will be at the Jurys Inn at East Midlands Airport.

The Question Time-style event will look at issues such as new technologies that are emerging and their impact on the logistics sector and the industries that it serves. The panel and audience will also discuss skills shortages and how changes in logistics could impact on the property development industry.

Artificial intelligence and the impact on logistics

According to Steve, developments in artificial intelligence which has enabled the introduction of drones, autonomous vehicles, platooning, automated warehousing and shorter delivery times are transforming the industry.

“The effective management of logistics influences operations in all areas of a business and pretty much any industry you can think of, “comments Steve. “There are many game-changing technologies emerging that will completely revolutionise the way logistics are managed.  It’s crucial that MDs, purchasing managers and transport planners understand how applying these new technologies can transform their processes and profitability.”

How the logistics industry can benefit from new technology

“It’s fair to say that the logistics industry hasn’t traditionally been at the forefront of IT innovation, despite the fact that as a sector, it has huge potential for benefiting from the application of advanced technology,” adds Steve, who has written several articles on the advent of Industry 4.0 and has also spoken about the subject at events across Europe.

“This has to change. As an industry, we do have issues to overcome such as an overcrowded road infrastructure and serious skills shortages. However, the application of these new technologies can create new opportunities as well as solutions.”

Steve regularly speaks at a range of logistics events and expos. He has also had many articles published on the future of logistics and Industry 4.0.


Keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

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