3T’s CEO Explains Industry 4.0 and Automotive Supply Chain

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


Automechanika event

Steve Twydell, CEO of 3T Logistics will explain how the 4th industrial revolution is transforming logistics within the automotive industry at June’s Automechanika event.

Supply chain transformation

Speaking at the request of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Steve’s presentation is entitled: Is the 4th Industrial Revolution transforming the physical supply chain? Steve is scheduled to speak at 11.30am on Tuesday 6th June as part of the Logistics & Supply Chain module of the Automechanika seminar programme.

With over 35 years’ experience working in European land-based transport management, Steve has clear ideas about the influence new technologies will have on the automotive industry.

He comments: “It’s no good planning two or three years ahead; we need to project 10, 15, 20 years into the future. And one thing is certain – artificial intelligence will revolutionise the automotive supply chain. From 3D printing to driverless vehicles to intelligent transport management systems using new technology, what seemed unfeasible just a few years ago will soon become a reality.”

Automated transport management systems

He adds: “For the first time we have transport management systems with the capacity to replicate the infinite knowledge of the human brain, using algorithms and specific optimisation tools to create synergy with companies. The ultimate aim is to increase vehicle utilisation on a 24-hour basis using systems which automate much of the transport process.”

Automechanika takes place at different locations around the world from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires, with this year’s UK event taking place on 6th-8th June at the NEC in Birmingham. The expo attracts some of the sector’s largest companies and international brands.

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