4PL logistics integrators cut carbon and costs

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


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Logistics integration like the coordination delivered by 4PLs has been linked with dramatic reductions in carbon monoxide emissions and in the running costs associated with logistics networks.

An article in the journal Transport looks at integrated distribution processes by three medium-sized logistics operators in Warsaw, Poland.

It investigates how central management of warehouses can improve efficiency of existing networks, as well as how this can be improved even further by the introduction of new depots.

The proposals include city consolidation hubs operated by logistics integrators, as well as mathematical optimisation of routes for vehicles of different types, across multiple depots with limited throughput, and with limited loading capacity.

“Such integrators can be compared to 4PL integrators in logistics networks who coordinate many supply chains of different companies to gain global benefit,” the article states.

This kind of coordination and integration leads to a 7.8% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions and an 8.1% drop in running costs for logistics networks with existing depots, according to the analysis.

But by also introducing new depots in accordance with the most efficient proposals, these figures rise to 16.7% and 26.5% respectively.

Integrated logistics with 4PL

4PL providers like 3T Group can help you to increase efficiency of transport networks either by optimising operations from your existing facilities, or by identifying ways to improve the physical fabric of your supply chain network through warehousing and storage changes.

In either case, substantial gains can be made – and these benefits are incremental, adding up to greater and greater improvements in efficiency with each adjustment made over time.

To find out more about how 3T Group can accelerate improvement in your warehousing and distribution operations, call us on 0116 2824 111.

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