About Us: Meet the Team at 3T

Scalable Digital Transport Platform
EVENT is cost effective, scalable and robustly meets the constantly evolving challenges of modern transport demands.
True Flexibility
We offer customers commercial and operational flexibility that allows them to scale EVENT deployment to suit their business.
Rapid Deployment
EVENT can be deployed remotely, anywhere in the world, within hours, enabling customers to realise benefits from day 1.
Access to carrier store
Additional/new capacity, available instantly
Access to marketplace
Access to complimentary applications through a rapidly growing marketplace.
Knowledge Relationship Innovation Enable Creativity Integrity
Passion Value Technology Expertise Digitalisation Enable Transform
Trust Innovation Relationship Self-investment Knowledge Independent Win-win

Meet some of our team

Steve Willcox

Account Director

Our very own Modfather and life-long Liverpool fan. Leads a vibrant team of logistics experts dedicated to transforming our 4PL customers.

Jess Adams

Customs Manager

Proud working Momma who enjoys country music, sports & good food shared with family and friends, Jess leads our Customs department.

Daniel Vega Villar

Head of Regional Ops & Cl

One of the internationally-based team, Daniel is a sports enthusiast, family man and educational geek. Daniel competed semi-professionally in his younger years in athletics, and still does so on Spanish tennis courts. A strong believer of learning by doing and leading by action.

Chad Martin,

Head of IT Projects

Within 3T, Chad leads a team running implementation of IT related projects, always with a view to what’s new and next. Outside of 3T he spends hours tinkering with his gaming PC and countless more hours watching YouTube videos about tinkering with gaming PCs. When not lost in YouTube, he spends the rest of his time with his family or walking his beloved Chow Chows (slowly – as that is the only speed they will go).

Steve Twydell

Founder & CEO

Steve is the Founder and leader (CEO) of 3T Logistics. He has extensive experience in logistics and technology which is good, because that’s what we do! He still shares the same passion as he did 20 plus years ago. One warning, don’t ask him for a joke!

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