One of 3T’s main objectives is reducing the impact of logistics on the environment. When it comes to sustainable sourcing and the supply of raw materials and products, 3T sees itself as being part of the solution.
In the last 10 years we have helped businesses we work with to reduce their carbon emissions by hundreds of tonnes. 3T has achieved this by increasing resource efficiency through automation and optimisation of logistics processes. This in turn has reduced empty running and eliminated unnecessary journeys.

Caring for our environment

Sustainable Community

Our cycle to work scheme, park & ride facility and ‘all electric’ car policy are initiatives designed to ensure that we play our part in delivering sustainable business solutions.

Technological Efficiency

Our solutions are designed to reduce, empty running, CO2 emissions and increase resource efficiency.


We ensure that our customers have access to our extensive carrier network and platform which drive synergistic outcomes and reduce environmental impact.

Playing our part

“One of the things I love about 3T is that it’s like being part of a family. Whether you are working on a really complex solution for a customer, say in France, or going out for team drinks in Leicester, there’s a real sense of togetherness. I joined 3T in 2002 (has it been that long?!) as a Customer Services Manager and I’ve enjoyed developing a career within 3T. I also love seeing strategic partnerships with customers develop into really valuable and lasting relationships. And, delivering above-industry-average results for customers is the cherry on the cake!”
- Rachel Armstrong
“I like working in an atmosphere where you’re allowed to work autonomously and not micromanaged at every point. The working atmosphere is very friendly and overall 3T is a good place to work.”
- Tom Greaves
“In the 6 years that I have worked for 3T from Spain, my partner and I have had the joy of having 2 kids. The support and flexibility 3T gave us especially around the time our children were born was amazing. I’m proud to be working for a company with such strong values and understanding.”
- Dani Vega Villar
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