Fewer freight vehicles to be allowed in to London

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


London from above

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has announced plans to lower the amount of freight vehicles entering the capital by ten per cent in the next decade.

The decision is part of the newly released Transport Strategy for London. The Mayor of London, released a draft of the document on June 21st and it sets out the policies and proposals to reshape transport in London over the next 25 years.

The strategy covers public transport, congestion and street design. The main talking point is solving London’s busy streets that are described as “too congested and dangerous at present”. The document proposes a range of changes including some that will affect the logistics industry; specifically, a ten per cent reduction in freight vehicles 2026.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) described the 10% reduction target as unrealistic, citing the needs of London’s growing population. The capital’s population is predicted to grow from 8.7 million people to 10.5 million by 2041.

Other plans in the strategy include reducing congested traffic by 5 per cent by 2020. This target is to be attained by either retiming servicing activity, avoiding journeys altogether, and through the use of more consolidation centres around outer London.

These potential changes will run alongside the zero-emission zone that is planned to come into place in central London by 2025.

The solution

Within London, there are many changes upcoming that could affect the logistics industry. Although they are currently proposals, plans could become a reality once they are consulted. Final plans will be released on October 2nd and it is important for businesses to create a solution to lessen the impact that the changes could have on their business.

By improving vehicle utilisation and reducing the amount of empty running by freights, fewer vehicles are needed on the roads. To achieve this, it’s all about using data to manage your transport processes more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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