How connectivity is revolutionising supply chains

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


Florist Logistics

Modern technology is allowing more and more of us to stay connected around the clock, and while that may mean some of us find it difficult to ‘switch off’, it’s revolutionising supply chains and end-to-end visibility in logistics operations.

A recent report from Frost & Sullivan looked at connectivity technologies like blockchains and the Internet of Things, and how they are changing the ways we collaborate and monitor shipments.

‘Blockchain’ is a technology with its origins in the e-currency Bitcoin, and allows multiple parties to collaborate on a stream of data with high levels of security, while the Internet of Things is allowing an ever-increasing number of inanimate objects to be monitored online.

Frost gave the example of a long-distance florist supply chain – shipments that are delicate, perishable and temperature-sensitive – and how IoT-enabled sensors can give immediate warning if the storage temperature rises above the desired level.

By making sure all interested parties, from suppliers, to customers, to carriers, can all access the information relevant to them, “it can reduce the time required for reconciliation to enable faster processes”.

Unleash collaboration with 3T DOCK

3T DOCK is one way to allow carriers to collaborate on shipments, to ensure KPIs are delivered upon and service levels adhered to.

You can share your 3T DOCK login details with multiple carriers, giving them access to critical supply chain information via a simple, user-friendly cloud interface.

Monitor loading plans, congestion and delays, and give shippers and carriers confidence about loading and offloading times, improving efficiency along the full route from A to B, no matter how many parties are involved.

To schedule a demo of 3T DOCK, contact 3T Group today on or by calling 0116 2824 111.

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