Hybrid electric HGV technology unveiled

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


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While the electric and hybrid car market continues to grow, within the HGV industry there has been developments without much in the end of finished products.

The difficulty for HGVs is getting a big enough battery to run their size and weight. However, at the 2017 Kuljetus, an exhibition for the transport industry, a new innovation was unveiled.

The development created by Visedo and Sisu Auto, is a hybrid electric system for HGVs capable of delivering 1,140hp and more than 5,000Nm of torque. The creators said that the technology is a “breakthrough” in hybrid electric technology and will give operators the power and performance they need, while also reducing fuel and emissions.

How does it work?

So how is this system capable of so much power? The proof-of-concept vehicle contains a parallel hybrid drive that draws power from both an electric motor and a diesel engine. This enables the vehicle to run with or without electric power.

The hybrid electric parallel power system is available for the heavy truck market. By locating the electric motor between the engine and gearbox, fitting the power system is made simpler as there is no need to alter the existing chassis or suspension structure of a HGV.

Low emission logistics

It’s important to make HGVs as environmentally friendly as possible. The plans and developments seen across the industry in this area show great promise and we’re sure that it won’t be long until an electric HGV is unveiled. In fact, Tesla’s chief executive has said that they will unveil an electric articulated lorry in September 2017.

Although strides are being made, it will be some time before electric HGVs become the norm in the industry. Thankfully, there is a way for companies to reduce their carbon footprint as a result of logistics instantly.

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