Logistics and industrial top Europe’s real estate wish list

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


Docking Bays by Kevin Dooley

Demand for premises in the logistics sector has helped the logistics and industrial real estate category to rank as the most in-demand among European commercial real estate investors, according to the latest report from CBRE.

For the first time, industrial and logistics premises are the top priority for a higher percentage of commercial real estate investors than any other category – pushing office premises down to second place.

One in three investors polled by CBRE said industrial and logistics facilities are their top priority, compared with just over one in four who are currently prioritising offices, and just over one in five who favour residential premises, the category with the sharpest rise since 2017.

Jack Cox, head of EMEA Industrial and Logistics Capital Markets at CBRE, said: “2017 was the year the industrial and logistics sector was unquestionably re-rated, evidenced by the number and scale of platform deals we saw in the sector.

“Logistics yields remain at a premium over other real estate sectors, and the sustainability of returns in the sector is underpinned by a robust occupational market, which is attracting investors from around the globe.”

Better use of premises with 4PL

High investor demand is an indication of tight supply of industrial and logistics premises, with CBRE citing ecommerce as one reason why logistics properties are in high demand globally.

Doing more with less is one of the hallmarks of 4PL, which helps to drive cost efficiencies while also maximising the utility of existing resources, reducing the need for costly further investment.

3T DOCK is just one of our tools that can help in this area, allowing you to manage loading slots and delivery bays across multiple sites to reduce congestion with better visibility of inbound loads and logins you can share with third-party carriers.

To find out more about 3T DOCK and our other 4PL services that can keep your logistics facilities running at optimal capacity, call 3T Logistics today on 0116 2824 111 or email enquiries@3t-europe.com.

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