National Lorry Week Looks to Logistics’ Next Generation

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


RHA National lorry week - love the lorry

The Road Haulage Association’s annual National Lorry Week is underway from Monday, September 11th until Saturday, September 16th, and this year the RHA is looking beyond the vehicles themselves to the next generation of the overall logistics workforce.

According to government figures cited by the RHA, by 2022 the logistics industry as a whole will need to recruit 1.2 million more people, not just including lorry drivers, but also warehouse operatives, workshop technicians and management-level individuals too.

In response to this, the RHA is reaching out to the next generation of employees, with many of this week’s events taking place on school premises or in town centres where children will be present in large numbers.

Recruiting young people to complete the mandatory training to become HGV drivers is just one link in the chain for the prosperity of the British logistics industry in the years to come.

Companies must also continue to do more without racking up ever-bigger budgets, and 3T Group’s transport management systems can help you to do just that.

Keeping a Cap on the Future with 4PL

Fourth-party logistics (4PL) is a highly complex way to optimise your logistics operations that goes into even greater detail than existing third-party logistics (3PL) approaches.

It uses rich data from all aspects of your supply chain, warehousing operations and logistics movements to identify incremental gains in efficiency and cost effectiveness that can be achieved through sustainable improvements.

This can be as simple as maximising vehicle utilisation rates, cutting down on fuel costs, empty running and reducing the number of drivers you need – ensuring the industry can continue to flourish with the available workforce in the years to come.

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