Oxford Street to bring restrictions to freight vehicles?

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


Oxford street sign

The development of Oxford Street, London is to begin in December 2018 with the aim of turning the district into “the world’s best outdoor shopping experience”. Although over a year away, consultations are already in place over what the development will include.

The eight-week consultation began at the end of April and includes everything from air quality and traffic congestion to the pedestrian experience. One of the topics included is what to do with freight vehicles delivering products to the retailers.

As one of the busiest shopping destinations in the world, it’s important that businesses located their incoming deliveries on time and when needed. Currently, Oxford Street is available for freight deliveries at any time but the majority take place between 10pm and 10am.


Planners say that if the current model remains, it would greatly limit their ability to transform the area. The options available include restricting deliveries to certain time frames and removing freight vehicles from the street completely, meaning shops would have to take deliveries via nearby side roads or loading facilities at the rear.

The changes are proposed to tackle the congestion problems in the area as well as the pollution levels.

It remains to be seen what changes will be implemented at Oxford Street but 3T Logistics can help you manage transport processes more efficiently, from loading bay management to optimising vehicles and managing delivery with real-time information, whatever the outcome.

Improving vehicle utilisation and reducing empty running will help to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and the time that drivers spend in traffic jams. It’s all about using data to manage your transport processes more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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