UK eCommerce Shoppers Have International Wish List

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


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Research from UPS reveals the ‘wish list’ that UK ecommerce shoppers have when buying items from elsewhere in Europe or beyond with international shipping.

When buying over such long distances, understandably logistics topics rank highly among the influencing factors.

For example, UPS found that across European nationalities as a whole, 72% of shoppers want a total cost that includes all duties and fees; 63% want a clear policy on returns; and 62% take into account the speed of delivery.

Meanwhile in the UK specifically, ecommerce shoppers are looking for value for money from the logistics of their purchases, as 67% prioritise retailers who offer free shipping, and 72% look for free return shipping options too.

Abhijit Saha, vice-president of marketing at UPS Europe, said: “The internet has made shopping truly global, enabling retailers to market and sell their products to customers worldwide.

“Our research shows that nearly three quarters of European online shoppers buy from countries outside their own, so opportunity is rife for both small and large retailers looking to expand their businesses.”

Optimised logistics for better value sales

Optimising your logistics helps to cut your own operating costs, allowing you to pass on those savings to customers in the form of discounted or free shipping and free returns policies, if appropriate.

Even if you choose to keep the cost saving benefits to yourself and maximise your profits, there are other advantages to optimised logistics, for example faster deliveries and more effective return logistics.

3T Logistics can help with optimising your logistics – not by cutting services, but by introducing new systems that both reduce your running costs while at the same time enhancing the experience of your customers.

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