A bird’s eye view on road haulage routes

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


HGVs motorway speed

A team from the University of Leeds have developed a system that allows drones flying overhead to provide a bird’s eye view on the routes taken by trucks below – enabling them to be routed around any obstacles, for example.

Their system not only provides passive monitoring of trucks, but can also autonomously direct them; it was inspired by heavy vehicles working on industrial sites, where following the best route can help to promote safety and protect pedestrians working in the area.

But it could have widespread benefits, including for road haulage, where monitoring – whether by drone or by GPS satellite – helps to improve visibility of your vehicles out on the road, as a precursor to optimising the routes taken and reducing empty running.

The technology was displayed as part of an event that took place at Weetwood Hall in Leeds on June 27th-28th, called the Robots for Resilient Infrastructure Robotic Challenge.

It served as a showcase for leading-edge robotics innovation, technology and robotic infrastructure, with an itinerary that combined insightful presentations with practical demonstrations.

More than 80 representatives of the robotics industry, academia, stakeholders and policymakers attended the event, which spanned the ways in which robotics can help to create new critical infrastructure, as well as to inspect, maintain and repair it.

Logistics automation

Sophisticated software like 3T EVENT uses automation to cut down on the admin involved in planning your logistics operation, while optimising your processes using methods that would simply be too complex and time-consuming to do by hand.

It’s an example of how leading-edge technology is revolutionising logistics, warehousing and haulage, cutting down on carbon footprints and improving the economies of supply chains.

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