Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is at the core of everything 3T does. We believe in developing and championing solutions and practices that improve our people, our communities and the environment. As a transport management and technology company we pride ourselves in the role we play, especially in reducing carbon emissions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

3T Logistics and Technology Group are committed to sustainable ways of conducting business operations, and to helping other businesses do the same. Within 3T, we have a wide range of initiatives aimed at minimising our carbon footptint such as recycling, offering sustainable commuting options for our employees, and the opportunity to ‘work from home’.

We also help businesses to increase the efficiency of their transport operations and reduce carbon emissions. We do this through a variety of initiatives which begin with measuring their carbon footprint and implementing positive changes.


40% of our staff live locally


50% of snr roles held by women


80% of our suppliers are local


100% electric car policy

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