Beating the driver shortage to keep elves on the shelves

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


HGV Driver by Mark Eslick

We recently reported the worries of the Freight Transport Association about the risk of an HGV driver shortage affecting Christmas logistics following Brexit in 2019, as one in eight drivers currently come from other EU countries.

But new figures from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation show that the HGV driver shortage is already starting to bite, and the majority of firms believe some Christmas deliveries will not make it on time as a result.

The REC’s survey found 54% of companies are worried about a Christmas delivery arriving late, 70% say this year is worse than last, and 82% think Brexit could worsen their position still.

Chief executive Kevin Green said: “We know that there are a number of reasons why the sector has problems finding new talent.

“These range from expensive training to high insurance rates for young drivers and bad infrastructure. The industry needs to tackle these issues.”

He added that “the current predicament could turn into a catastrophe” if the government does not secure the rights of EU workers in post-Brexit Britain.

A Vision for the Future of Logistics

Overcoming the driver shortage will need a renewed focus on training and recruitment, but as we pointed out in September, there are other ways to make the best use of the available workforce.

Transport management systems mean logistics operations can be streamlined, reducing empty running of vehicles and factoring in any reverse logistics demand too.

A less centralised approach to distribution is reducing the distance deliveries need to cover while allowing online retailers to offer next-day and even same-day capabilities.

Future innovations may further reduce the demand for drivers, for example if HGV platoons allow driverless vehicles to follow close behind a lead truck with a single driver.

To find out more about 3T Group’s existing transport management systems and how we can help you to keep pace with all of these developments as they arrive, call us on 0116 2824 111.

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