Embracing new technology in logistics

Written By Reagan Nyandoro


Truck driving evening

To keep customers happy, businesses are having to improve their delivery speed. Customers want things faster than ever before and for companies to meet the growing demand for speed, they need to cross the digital divide and have a smart supply.

The digital divide is the differing stance that companies have towards technology. Technology is ever evolving and some businesses embrace new technologies more than others.

Usually, it is the business’s choice if they want to adopt new technologies. Generally speaking, there are benefits and drawbacks to doing such a thing. But such are the customer expectations, businesses that refuse to embrace technology in their logistics risk being left behind.

There are a number of possible technologies that could affect transportation and logistics. The internet of things, drone deliveries, cloud-based computing and fleet management systems are just some of the technologies that could be embraced by businesses to better manage and improve their logistics.

Businesses should prepare to embrace these changes and innovations. Doing so will improve their competitive position and enable them to meet the future needs and demands of their customers.

Solution for improving transport management

EVENT is a transport management system, available as a software as a service offer (SaaS) designed to enable clients to benefit from 3T’s industry leading technology and reduce their transport cost.

Of the many benefits the transport management system brings, businesses will benefit from being able to communicate daily requirements to carriers to reduce time, track delivery information to provide visibility and optimise loading bays to reduce loading bottlenecks.

3T is Europe’s largest independent 4PL provider and develops revolutionary technological solutions for more efficient transport management. For more information, call us today on 0116 2824 111.

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